Land surroundings of a property, play a significant role in development and growth. There can be positive or negative impact items surrounding a property. Landchecks is here to help you identify these impact items surrounding a property.
Identifying various impact items is a herculean task involving multiple agencies and consultants. We at Landchecks, are working to provide you a single place where you can see all these impact items with the details. The presentation is done on a Google map to visualize and analyze various impact points quickly.
These impact items are collected from various federal, state, county and city departments and agencies. Landchecks collects data about multiple impact items daily and then present them at a single location on to quickly search, visualize and analyze them. Landchecks collect 25+ impact items related to a property.
In addition to the online visualizations, Landchecks also provide various reports based on near to real-time information for a property anywhere from next door to 5-mile radius. Landchecks give customizable reports for required ranges surrounding the subject property.

Various departments and agencies publish this data in different ways and formats. Landchecks work with all these data and present them in a unique form that is easily accessible from a single location.

Our best practices keep the data up to date and most accurate. The whole data collection process is fully automated, and all the impact points are geo-coded to present them in Maps.